Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Few More Pictures...

Mr. Ron came to read 'Polar Express' to us.  He reminded us to believe in the magic of Christmas!

Thank you to our wonderful Moms for a fun Christmas party, Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Griffeth and Mrs. Heslop.  Thank you to our wonderful Moms at Halloween time too, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Melancen, Mrs. Rowe and Mrs. Spielman.  I'm sorry for not having pictures to show you.  We are thankful for all of the fun!

Passing Santa's bag... the circle is getting smaller and more exciting!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Our month in review... December 2016

How many tiles will fit in the area on the block?

Is my first name taller than my last name or is my last name taller than my first name?  Which name is shorter than the other?

Finding the area of the block... how many tiles will fit inside?

Our Christmas tree ...2016

Learning to read CVC words... working with a friend is fun!

Learning about capacity... how much rice will my container hold?  What will happen to the extra rice?  How many small containers will fit inside a larger container?

We love to read new books!

Mrs. Kerr and her niece Molly... Mrs. Kerr came to take pictures of us during our Ag in the Classroom Day.  We had fun learning about and making evergreen trees.